Let's begin!

Since you're reading this we would imagine that you want to learn to play the piano or sing, or both. But what do you hope to achieve? What kind of music would you like to learn? Pop? Jazz? Rock? Classical? Would you like to perform with other musicians, or do you want to play or sing solo? How much work are you prepared to put in? If you want to play or sing to very high standard, you should think about committing yourself to several hours of practice nearly every day. Are you up for that? You may not want to take your study to a particularly high level, but merely want an occasional hobby. Only you can answer all questions and plan your future, this will play an important part in approaching your study.

Ideally, every person who wants to learn to play a musical instrument or sing should find themselves a good teacher, and take regular one-to-one lessons. You are in the right place for that. We will work together, using a well-established methodology and set for you measurable goals that would give a clear indication of progress. You will be motivated to attain the next level.